Our People

Our People

Our People

We embrace that children are born with immense potential and our responsibility is to draw out this potential that exists within each and every child. Our curriculum empowers these beliefs as it responds to, expands and builds upon the ideas and interests of the children.

We do this with collaboration of educators utilizing beautiful, engaging places filled with expressions of the value we place on childhood. Nurturing character development of children, guiding them as they practice and learn about respectful interactions, forming a basis for lifelong learning.

At Milestones Early Learning we treat children with respect and dignity and work daily to be worthy of the trust families have shown by placing their child in our care. We recognize the environment is a huge part of the children's learning.

At Milestones Early Learning we strive to be a sustainable centre, educators promote sustainable choices to children, families and the community. Our nature based service incorporates herb gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, birds our chickens and our loved and adored guinea pigs who are cared for by a different family each week. Children assist in watering plants, growing food and collecting eggs, through this the children become connected to their little world at Milestones Early Learning and feel a sense of belonging within our community.

Educators assist children in sustainable practices, including yoga to physically, improve flexibility, strength coordination and body awareness. Children's concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Children also engage in watering plants and collecting food scraps to feed the chickens.

We as educators believe in the magnificent journey of childhood believing that children learn best in a joyful environment where they can feel happy and content. The learning spaces are designed to allow for self-selection where children are supported to develop mastery over their environment.

Protecting the rights of our children, acting with professional integrity and understanding to all children and community. Staff are supported in sharing a joint commitment and responsibility to provide the very best for children entrusted to their care. All staff, regardless of their qualification, are considered to be a valuable team member.

We value speaking with families regarding their needs and interests through conversations that are truthful, gentle and meaningful.